Us at your show?

Basic Info:

Download a copy of the current layout data sheet here.

In it’s basic form the layout measures 27′ x 11′ (8.23m x 3.36m) – and is designed to be viewed from along one long side.

Click Here for a layout general arrangement diagram in it’s basic set up.

The layout also allows for additional ‘modules’ to be added to create a branch (or branches) from the main line – the following diagram would is the layout with a single 8′ add-on module fitted to the left hand end (these modules can be added at either or both ends, and multiple modules can of course be added.) The standard layout with a single straight 8′ module added takes the dimensions up to 35′ x 11′ (10.67m x 3.36m)

Click Here for a general arrangement diagram with one 8′ module added on the right hand end.

These modules can also act as small standalone switching layouts, if you are interested in having one of these small layouts for your show please check out our modules website at

We will also need access space in front of the scenic boards (we usually operate some of the layout from the public side which gives us better contact with the public) – access space behind the fiddle yard is useful but not essential.


The layout needs a minimum team of 6 at a show, as it requires 5 operators on duty at any time (four drivers and a tower operator) – 7 or 8 people would be better.


Our layout group is based in the Exeter area, travel to a show requires the use of a van which we will need to hire. We will also need to bring a car with the remaining operators.


For more info, contact Martyn Read on:

gloriousnse @ gmail . com

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