Car cards and waybills

A while back in a thread on operation on RM-Web the use of car cards and waybills came up, and that kicked off a thought process about how best to use them on an exhibition layout. Talking to the guys in the group and whilst some of us were okay moving given cars to an industry and then routing them back using just a bit of knowledge and concentration, others of us would benefit from something a bit more formal, we also have at least one guest operator at Exeter this summer who makes a very enthusiastic switch crew but probably doesn’t know an airslide from an autorack…so here goes…

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More Freightcars…

With RS Tower soaking up over 500 freightcars on average at a show, and with us running multiple era’s we’re always adding to the fleet, both to add the kind of unending variety that the real railroad offers, to tailor the fleet to the industries on the layout and to gradually upgrade the look and detail of the cars that appear.

First up, Neil Rogers has added some of the new Athearn “beer can” tanks, these are all-new models with some nice fine detail, and excellent little cars for space starved layouts! Click on the pic for larger images…


Next up we have a couple of new freightcars in my fleet….

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Post Andover photo’s – part 1

Well, the Andover show went pretty well, very few problems with the layout and it seemed very well received – many thanks to our extra operators for the weekend as well, you were a great help!

Speaking of the extra operators, Gareth shot some photo’s at the end of play on Sunday and he’s gradually getting some of them processed and online. Well worth a look!

Just two weeks to Andover

We had a final work session this weekend in preparation for the Andover Show – click here for show details – i’ve uploaded a few photo’s from this weekend to the layout’s fotopic site to hopefully whet your appetites as well – hope to see some of you there.  
Wisconsin & Southern and CP power at RS Tower

Wisconsin & Southern and CP power at RS Tower

Neil Rogers also has some photo’s on his site here.

A little less conversation, a little more action…

Here’s another of our youtube clips, a SOO SD40-2 leads a CP Rail SD40-2 (in an SD45 carbody) north onto the street running with a unit steel coil train. Enjoy!


A surprisingly interesting part of operations at Exeter was fitting in a service of short, fast passenger trains amidst the long slow freights, in our 70’s mode at Exeter we had Amtrak and Chicago RTA (with CNW cars) bilevel push pulls, plus the Blackhawk RDC set.

Metra push-pull at Elmhurst IL, Sep 2000

So, the target now is to complete a modern equivalent. Unfortunately Kato seems very reluctant to offer their superb F40PH in more modern paint…keep reading to see what we can do about it…

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Blimey! The darn thing works!

 Well, it was getting dark in our corner of the hall as we were finishing off setting up, but just to prove that (a) the darn thing works and (b) long trains work here’s a quick vid I made just before going home. Power is an SD26 (Atlas), SD24 (Atlas) and SD45-2 (Genesis) lashup with a loooong train made up of auto parts empties and finished auto’s headed West, trailed by a long cut of piggyback flats. Enjoy! 

 PS – I’ll try and provide some better lit stuff tomorrow!