Post Andover photo’s – part 1

Well, the Andover show went pretty well, very few problems with the layout and it seemed very well received – many thanks to our extra operators for the weekend as well, you were a great help!

Speaking of the extra operators, Gareth shot some photo’s at the end of play on Sunday and he’s gradually getting some of them processed and online. Well worth a look!


Week in the UK??

Apologies in advance for going off on a tangent, I promise to stay off the subject of the UK’s railways on this blog as much as possible, mainly due to it having very little to do with RS Tower! If you’re only after US-based info then don’t click for more info and move on to another post….  😉 Continue reading

Cornfield Meet

Not had a go at embedding a YouTube vid on here yet, so here’s a bit of an experiment.

This link was passed on by Leigh and is cab footage of a BNSF wreck a year or two back. As the loco approaches the siding for a meet, the oncoming train which should have held on the main runs the red light. All five crew on the two trains survived although they were injured.

Scaaaary stuff…

Heartland Rails

One website our team have been looking at recently is Heartland Rails – some superb railfan shots on there and we like that there is an occasional ‘scenic’ or ‘non rail’ pic that gives a bit of a flavour of what’s around him at the time, very useful for us modellers!

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Tower of strength « the last arial

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it, the last arial features a writeup of this page which includes some really nice pics of our old layout, Rock Springs that he took at the 2004 Chatham show. Worth a look.

 Martyn Read