Exeter show update…

The RS Tower layout will be appearing at the Exe MRS’s Exeter model railway exhibition in 2011 along with fourteen Freemo modules, most of which have either never been seen in public before or have been altered or upgraded since the last time they have been shown.

The RS Tower layout along with the modules will allow us to create a “walk around” layout design with around 120’ of scenic layout frontage showing many aspects of 1980s/90s US railroading in the Midwest, our usual lengthy trains will be in evidence at RS Tower and the modules will form a linear branch line from there to Oakdale via an expanded Dale Yard. Dale will be in use as a full classification yard for the first time, breaking up and building trains for various destinations on the layout. Continue reading


Latest Freemo news…

Normally we’d leave announcements on our Freemo engagements to our sister RSTowerFreemo site, but on the 5th/6th June our Freemo modules will be in operation at the Exe MRS show at Exeter, see their website for more details.

We’re debuting several new modules this year including Gillsburgh by Ian Smith as well as established modules such as Neil Rogers’ Oakdale, they will form a 60′ long end-to-end run between a pair of small yards, frequent local passenger and freight moves should feature.

We’re a little bit short of staff this year so RS Tower and it’s big trains are not featuring as part of this display, but we’re planning lots of operation so it’s still well coming for a look and a chat about modules, DCC, operations or any of the other things we get up to. And if anyone wants to come for a play let us know! 🙂

We’re working on a major showing with both RS Tower and a substantial Freemo presence combined for the 2011 Exeter show, it will be worth making a note in your diaries as we’ll be creating something that will be able to absorb lots of operators!

New photo collection

Eagle-eyed visitors will have noticed the Flickr box on the right updating over the past few days – i’m intending this should build into a set of layout photo’s over the coming months & years covering RS Tower and the groups compatible Freemo modules, Continue reading

New Years Day operating session & open house

The RS Tower team will be holding an open house & operating session on the 1st January 2010 in the basement of The Salvation Army hall, Friars Gate, Exeter, EX2 4AZ between 10am and 4.30pm.

The entrance to the venue is in Lucky Lane. There is some nearby street parking available (in meter bays) but plenty of nearby parking is available at the Cathedral & Quay car park, there is a step-free walking route from the top deck of the car park to the venue and blue badge holders can also park here free.

Our large RS Tower layout plus a modular branch line will be set up and running all day, showing off it’s large American trains.

There will be the opportunity to come and talk with the team about our approach to model railroading in general, modular model railroading, car card systems, digital control or other subjects, or to come and take part.

Entry is free but there will be a box available to make a donation to The Salvation Army

Please feel free to forward this to any person/group you think might be interested!

RS Tower modules blog…

After some great feedback on our chosen method of modular railroading, both with RS Tower at Exeter and operating as a “standalone” switching layout at Gillingham, a separate sister blog for the RS Tower modules has been launched at http://rstowerfreemo.wordpress.com/

Neil Rogers will be handling updates on that side of things – expect some changes on both sites over the coming weeks as we try and make them complement each other more effectively!

It already carries some images & video from Gillingham, and some thoughts on future module design as well…

After the Exe Show – thoughts…

Well the Exeter show has been and gone, the only “proper” exhibition outing in 2009 (we hope to have more for 2010 to tell you about soon!) – although we are considering doing another “open house” later in the year to keep our hand in – i’m interested in feedback on that, anyone want to come play trains for the weekend??

Here’s a quick vid to give an overview of the setup we used, for the first time we were able to have the Freemo-esque modules attached to form a decent length branch line at the show which was a nice way of adding a section of layout with a slower pace than the big mainline action.

Modules used were Dale Yard, Oakdale and two curves created and owned by Neil Rogers and Dale Creek created and owned by Liam Rogers.

Don’t forget that the modules on their own without the main RS Tower layout will be appearing at the Shaftesbury & Gillingham show in Gillingham (Dorset) this weekend.

Continue reading

Progress, Show Reminders & Videos…

Yes, another one of my horribly infrequent updates! The layout is up and running again – here’s a bit of proof…

That has allowed us to do a few bits more on scenery, the kinds of things that are hard to finish off when the layout is in 4′ chunks but are a relative breeze when you can work on the thing as a whole. Continue reading