RS Tower modules blog…

After some great feedback on our chosen method of modular railroading, both with RS Tower at Exeter and operating as a “standalone” switching layout at Gillingham, a separate sister blog for the RS Tower modules has been launched at

Neil Rogers will be handling updates on that side of things – expect some changes on both sites over the coming weeks as we try and make them complement each other more effectively!

It already carries some images & video from Gillingham, and some thoughts on future module design as well…


Progress, Show Reminders & Videos…

Yes, another one of my horribly infrequent updates! The layout is up and running again – here’s a bit of proof…

That has allowed us to do a few bits more on scenery, the kinds of things that are hard to finish off when the layout is in 4′ chunks but are a relative breeze when you can work on the thing as a whole. Continue reading

Car cards and waybills

A while back in a thread on operation on RM-Web the use of car cards and waybills came up, and that kicked off a thought process about how best to use them on an exhibition layout. Talking to the guys in the group and whilst some of us were okay moving given cars to an industry and then routing them back using just a bit of knowledge and concentration, others of us would benefit from something a bit more formal, we also have at least one guest operator at Exeter this summer who makes a very enthusiastic switch crew but probably doesn’t know an airslide from an autorack…so here goes…

Car Cards & Waybills - click here for larger version Continue reading

Grade crossings and module progress

We’ve just started working on grade crossing protection and signalling – images of the progress so far can be found on the fotopic site:

Neil Rogers is also working hard on his first two 45 degree curve modules – pics can be found at his fotopic site here:


Happy Christmas to you all!

I figured that I’d better do a pre-Christmas update, as i’ve yet again been patently rubbish at writing these!

So – here we go:

Continue reading

Post Andover photo’s – part 1

Well, the Andover show went pretty well, very few problems with the layout and it seemed very well received – many thanks to our extra operators for the weekend as well, you were a great help!

Speaking of the extra operators, Gareth shot some photo’s at the end of play on Sunday and he’s gradually getting some of them processed and online. Well worth a look!

Just two weeks to Andover

We had a final work session this weekend in preparation for the Andover Show – click here for show details – i’ve uploaded a few photo’s from this weekend to the layout’s fotopic site to hopefully whet your appetites as well – hope to see some of you there.  
Wisconsin & Southern and CP power at RS Tower

Wisconsin & Southern and CP power at RS Tower

Neil Rogers also has some photo’s on his site here.