Show Update

We are please to announce that we will be at  The Exeter Model Railway Show 4th & 5th June 2011. Details can be found here. This time we will be joined with the RS TOWER Freemo Modular System. The freemo modules will form a branch line 95ft long. please see proposed track plan & setup.

We will also have some new modules on show, Alpha, Swing Bridge, Sterling & more? we will also be running full length trains up to 30+ cars on the branch.

as soon as we have some more updates i’ll keep you posted.


Alco high-hood switcher from Atlas?

An interesting post from the Milepost 15 blog showing a pre-production Alco high-hood switcher from Atlas! Neat, would make a superb grain silo switcher.

The link is here, it’s worth looking back through the other posts as well, the Railflyer EMD parts look to be an intriguing way of building a loco.

Catcliffe Demon?

Just a quick post to note that Gareth Bayer has split his blog up, and railway stuff is now at the new address of and we’ve now updated the blogroll to reflect the new address. (He still has an anime and music themed blog on the old lastarial address.)

 With some great photography and the possibility of a rather nice layout on the way it should be well worth watching.

 Wonder if he’s built those boards yet…  😉 😀