Exeter Model railway Show

We’ve just returned from the Exeter Model Railway Show. Eastbound:- Cab ride from Oakdale to the cement plant at RS East at the 2011 Exeter show, filmed on the our layout and modules. Modules in order are Oakdale, Gillsburgh (loco terminal), Dale Yard, Oak Creek (bridge), Emmery Crossing, Emmery, Depot curve, RSX (flat crossing), Alpha (start double track), Crosskeys (swing bridge), Bridge curve, Sterling Yard, farm and crossing curves, followed by the RS Tower layout, finishing up at the cement works. Power is a Genesis F45. The layout won the layout operators choice awards, so thanks to all our crew of helpers for making such a great show possible! Westbound:- Cab ride from staging to the end of the line at Oakdale, shot on our modular model railroad setup at the Exeter show 2011. Starting in Staging we pass through the RS Tower layout, the interlocking there and the commercial bakery called Big Donut, we then swing left onto the modules – in order Crossing curve, farm curve, Sterling yard, bridge curve (start double track), Crosskeys swing bridge, Alpha (end double track), RSX (flat crossing), depot curve, Emmery and Emmery Crossing, Oak Creek (bridge), Dale Yard, Gillsburgh (engine terminal) and Oakdale.

More action can be found here.

Also myself & Martyn will be at the Trent Valley North American show on June 11th 2011. we will be taking Alpha, S.Kedzie Ave & half of Dale Yard, Era – post 2000 Details can be found here Hope to see you all there?


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