Tolworth show info:

Justa quick reminder time is whizzing by and it will soon be time for Tolworth show, which will take place on the 14th and 15th November – Tolworth is in the South West suburbs of London & easily reachable by public transport (bus links from Surbiton station) or by car from the nearby A3.

The show website is at: and as you can see there looks to be a good spread of layouts and traders – there’s even some specialist US outline traders which is always nice.

Era and railroad-wise we’re majoring on Union Pacific and Soo line options circa 1995-1999 at this show, expect all the usual variety of stock and operations – a Union Pacific excursion may even bring big steam to the area during the course of the show.

We should have the car cards in use here as well so please come and ask if you have questions.

Don’t forget to keep checking our exhibitions page for more info on upcoming shows, we are now due to be back in London at the Alexandra Palace show in March and we’ll have more shows to add soon!