Progress, and a new challenge…

There’s lots more progress to see over on the fotopic site – but we’ve still a long way to go!

 In addition our deadline just got shorter with a firm invite now to the Exe MRS show in Exeter. We attended the show last year which was not only our debut, but also debuted a new venue with lots more space and no layouts stuck in dark classrooms!

 The Exe MRS have also got a new website with show details, which is clickable here.

The up side is that we’ve already done the hard work underneath to (we hope) get the layout completely working and reliable, most of the work to do is purely cosmetic.

 The down-side of this of course is that we now have less than 3 months before the show, and we still have a lot of scenic work to do. Thinking positively for a second most of that scenic work is a basic ground cover and we have many, or even most of the buildings built and even in some in place, but we still have a lot of work between now and then to get the layout basically presentable, and other commitments from some of the team (apparently one of our number has to go and get married between now and the show, which I guess is a decent excuse 😉 ) will mean that getting the scenics presentable in time is a real challenge to face.

 And then of course lots more work to get the layout detailed and finished up to the standard we really want it at….

Nervous? Moi?