Construction/open house pics update

Just a quick post to show the latest updates on the fotopic site, click here for the images.

Highlights include a nice brass Chessie caboose from Neil Roper set against the semi-completed bakery structure, the colour-coding of the fiddle yard, and some images from the open house we held at new year (including a few shots with thanks to Andy Joy.) Some of Andy’s shots also show a couple of very nice brass loco’s as well, the EJ&E Baldwin transfer loco and a Rock Island C415 should being rather useful additions to the layout.

 The open house went reasonably well, although we spent some time dealing with niggly electrical problems. Many of these should be solved as the last of the point motors in the fiddle yard are installed, although we have a couple of mystery “dead spots” to deal with as well.

Scenery work is progressing slowly, we are still aiming to have the layout with complete


Don’t forget!

Our open house on Thursday – details in the previous post. Some images from our work day are now online here: