Main Street of the Midwest?

Picked up an interesting link thanks to a chap called Shortliner on the RM-Web forum a few days back that I thought I would share. is the main site of the Illinois Historic Preservation Society (which seems to be part of the state government.) If you click on Illinois Main Street Design then it takes you to an absolutely fascinating page all about classic ‘main street’ architecture, with an emphasis on maintaining and using older urban buildings, there are two links there of special interest to modellers.

 The one posted on rmweb is build your own Illinois main street – which has PDF’s of card building kits. Whilst a scale isn’t given I suspect many are not far out for 1/87th. Even if you didn’t regard them as the final model, they could be used to mock up structures that can be scratchbuilt or kitbashed in plastic later.

 The second really useful page is their own project archive, full of PDF’s of real structures that they have given advice on redevelopment for. Especially useful to the modeller here are “before” photo’s showing clearly how the property actually looks at present and especially useful signage details.

Worth a while browsing anyhow. 🙂


Catcliffe Demon?

Just a quick post to note that Gareth Bayer has split his blog up, and railway stuff is now at the new address of and we’ve now updated the blogroll to reflect the new address. (He still has an anime and music themed blog on the old lastarial address.)

 With some great photography and the possibility of a rather nice layout on the way it should be well worth watching.

 Wonder if he’s built those boards yet…  😉 😀

Week in the UK??

Apologies in advance for going off on a tangent, I promise to stay off the subject of the UK’s railways on this blog as much as possible, mainly due to it having very little to do with RS Tower! If you’re only after US-based info then don’t click for more info and move on to another post….  😉 Continue reading

Another show outing…

Neil Rogers’ “Oakdale” and “Dale Yard” modules attended the Shaftesbury and Gillingham show at the weekend. Oakdale being used as the layout and Dale Yard being split to form a pair of fiddle yards.

 The layout was operated ‘all sound’ for the weekend which seems to have gone down well with the public attending.

 Neil has posted some images on his fotopic site – which you can find here.