A surprisingly interesting part of operations at Exeter was fitting in a service of short, fast passenger trains amidst the long slow freights, in our 70’s mode at Exeter we had Amtrak and Chicago RTA (with CNW cars) bilevel push pulls, plus the Blackhawk RDC set.

Metra push-pull at Elmhurst IL, Sep 2000

So, the target now is to complete a modern equivalent. Unfortunately Kato seems very reluctant to offer their superb F40PH in more modern paint…keep reading to see what we can do about it…

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Show Images…

As well as the images already linked to on the RMWeb site (see previous post) here are a few more – if anyone else has images that we can use or link to then please leave me a comment and i’ll add a link in.

My handful of pics of the layout are now online at the layout construction collection on fotopic:

Show’s over, move along now…

There are a couple of pics of RS Tower in this thread on RMWeb, including a couple of Neil’s rather cool sound equipped SP RSD15’s. Pics are by one of the guys off the Matford layout (see link at the top of that thread for their layout) – the middle shot shows Santa Fe power (SD45+SD45+SD40) from a westbound freight that’s holding as the SP power curves across the diamond in front of him.

I’ll post a few more pics tonight, but honestly didn’t get chance to shoot much, mostly too busy playing trains! Keep reading for a few thoughts on how the weekend went and some of what we learned… Continue reading

Blimey! The darn thing works!

 Well, it was getting dark in our corner of the hall as we were finishing off setting up, but just to prove that (a) the darn thing works and (b) long trains work here’s a quick vid I made just before going home. Power is an SD26 (Atlas), SD24 (Atlas) and SD45-2 (Genesis) lashup with a loooong train made up of auto parts empties and finished auto’s headed West, trailed by a long cut of piggyback flats. Enjoy! 

 PS – I’ll try and provide some better lit stuff tomorrow!