Cornfield Meet

Not had a go at embedding a YouTube vid on here yet, so here’s a bit of an experiment.

This link was passed on by Leigh and is cab footage of a BNSF wreck a year or two back. As the loco approaches the siding for a meet, the oncoming train which should have held on the main runs the red light. All five crew on the two trains survived although they were injured.

Scaaaary stuff…


Exeter Show clarification…

Just in case there are any confused folk out there!

Some magazines appear to have got hold of the wrong end of the stick somehow and has printed that Rock Springs will be appearing at the Exeter show. Just in case anyone was planning to drive half way round the planet to see Rock Springs, it won’t be there.

What will be there is our work-in-progress replacement for it, RS Tower.

We’d hate for you all to be disappointed!

We’d still love to meet you and show you what we are bringing to the show though, just don’t expect 35′ of South Western desert. 27′ of Plywood maybe…

One week to go!

More work sessions…and more progress as time creeps inexorably towards the show! Continue reading

Two weeks to go…

It’s a sobering thought that in two weeks time we will be packing things up to take RS Tower to it’s first exhibition, the Exe MRS’s Exeter show on the 2nd and 3rd June – I guess the point of this post is to keep all you readers up-to-date with progress, and also to plug the show, so if you want to know more carry on reading….

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No we haven’t given up….

…it’s just been very busy, and finding time to write has been hard work.

 After what feels like a brief hiatus as half the crew dissapeared off to the land of the SD70M for a few weeks, the realisation has finally hit that we debut at Exeter in just under a month, and we still have a lot of work to do to achieve our promised ‘working but unfinished’ layout. Continue reading