RS Tower for RS Tower!

Just a few shots here of RS Tower, the structure that gives it’s name to the layout and also the focal point for traffic on the layout (and we think a likely future railfan hotspot!)

Front view:

Front view

The tower has been built by Bob Phelps and the photo’s are by Neil Roper.

East wall:

East Wall

Rear View:

Rear Wall

West Wall:

West wall


2 Responses

  1. Oh wow, that’s really really nice.

    The weathering job is top class too.

    A great centrepeice.

  2. We’ve a big work session this weekend (assemble and test the layout from fiddle yard throat to fiddle yard throat via the front – or all pointwork, also cut the tops for the final two fiddle yard boards) so you might get a few pics of it in place at the weekend. 🙂

    Given it’s a long thin design I’m wondering wether it will fit between the two main lines rather than behind the diamond, we’ll have a play around and see what fits and what looks right then.

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