Work session update 24th March…

Pics of todays work session now online here.


RS Tower for RS Tower!

Just a few shots here of RS Tower, the structure that gives it’s name to the layout and also the focal point for traffic on the layout (and we think a likely future railfan hotspot!)

Front view:

Front view

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More on Modules…

Just a quick post to say that i’ve started adding photo’s and info on the modular system we’re developing, the ‘module info’ link at the top of the page will get you into that section and the page menu on the right of every page will let you jump directly to any of the sub-pages.

So far I have added some background info and specs of the first two modules to be constructed to the standard. When I get it written up with accurate diagrams I shall add the module specifications, which are free to be used by anyone to make compatible modules.

Modular Mission – the reprise…

Click on image to visit Neil Roger's pics from this show...

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Keeping it chilled

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Blackhawk Down

Amtrak RDC's

Also in the package with the Atlas cylindrical covered hopper yesterday were a pair of Proto 1000 RDC’s in Amtrak livery to add to the solitary one i’ve had in my fleet for a few years now (yep, that would be why one of the ones in these pictures is weathered and the other two aren’t!)

The trio are to become my rendition of Amtrak‘s ‘Blackhawk’, which ran from Chicago to Dubuque Iowa via Illinois Central Gulf rails. Until 1978 this train ran with a similar trio of RDC’s before being replaced by a brand-new F40 and Amfleet coaches, sadly the train itself only lasted until 1981 when it was discontinued.

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Second time round

New arrival in the post today is one of the latest run of ACF Cylindrical covered hoppers from Atlas. The prototypes were built from 1961 to 1965 and so predate ACF’s iconic Center-Flo design, whilst they are far from the most common design of ‘large’ covered hopper there appear to have been enough built for them to not be unusual even to the present day – Atlas’s website suggests a build total of over 4000 cars.

Atlas cylindrical covered hopper

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