Random acts of Google

I’ve just Google’d RS Tower to see wether we get a mention yet, and I discover there is already an RS Tower – apparently we share our name with the 17th tallest skyscraper in Bangkok – well I never…

 I think ours is nicer…  🙂

 Martyn Read


Heartland Rails

One website our team have been looking at recently is Heartland Rails – some superb railfan shots on there and we like that there is an occasional ‘scenic’ or ‘non rail’ pic that gives a bit of a flavour of what’s around him at the time, very useful for us modellers!

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Tower of strength « the last arial

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it, the last arial features a writeup of this page which includes some really nice pics of our old layout, Rock Springs that he took at the 2004 Chatham show. Worth a look.

 Martyn Read

Little Geeps and Big SD’s…

Proto 2000 GP18 in TP&W paint.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the RS Tower blog! We hope to keep you all updated with the latest developments on this new exhibition layout.

Progress and test trains at our January work session 

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